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Pro· mo ' tion· al prod· ucts are:    - the key ingredient to integrated marketing

                                                               - preferred choice of advertising media

                                                               - powerful opinion change agents 



Recipients of promotional products have a significantly more positive opinion of a business

Recipients of promotional products remember the advertiser's name

Promotional products are ideal for creating awareness among a selected audience.

Promotional products are powerful effective forms of communication and usable necessary tools.

Promotional products, used as dimensional in direct mail solicitations significantly boosts response rates

Promotional products have a direct impact on the buyer’s bottom line, impressive recall rate and strong purchase habits post-receipt.

Promotional products generate up to 50% greater recall rate than other major media.


Advertising campaigns – improve response rates to an advertising campaign

Awards and Incentives – use as employee awards and incentives

Customer referrals – generate customer referrals

Customer goodwill – show customer your appreciation

Direct mail – improve direct mail response rates with dimensional mailings

Trade shows – increase trade show traffic

Fundraisers - raise money for your cause, mission, etc.

Repeat business – keep customers coming back

Create team unity - for consistent look and build morale

Company merchandise -  on-line company store